Dustbin Decor

Decorators of events and recyclers of the imaginary


Dustbin decor is a multidisciplinary team of designers, tinkerers and inventors of the ephemeral. Our raw materials are scrap and waste materials which we have pleasure in offering a new aesthetic life. Through various projects, our expertise  specialises in the alliance of new technologies (LED lighting, fiber optics …) and recycled objects. We like to enhance the transparency of plastics, play with the balance of materials and expose as much as possible their raw nobility.

Magical mobiles, illuminated hanging gardens, landscaping of  bars, lounges  or other public spaces for festivals and all types of events. Our range is wide and gives pride to all venues that wish to invest in our creations for the sake of  the harmony and respect of the environments.

Most materials are recovered: wood, plastics, fabrics, are largely diverted from their original functions or their primary aesthetic to create living spaces or passages that encourage visitors to relax and contemplate. The illuminated mobiles in particular induce a change in space and time, redefining the site with new visual features.

Dustbin decor is located in France but also travels throughout Europe and sometimes a little further. Often on the road, we take the opportunity to locate and recover in our travels raw materials for our future designs. For us, each object, each subject, has a history. It is these stories often forgotten and untold, that we want to express through our work.

All our photos here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/dustbindecor/